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I have here a list of customer coments from Audiogon which is an American site that sells only HI END Audio gear. I have been supplying customers my tubes on there for the last 30 months to clients in USA, Asia, Europe and Australia.


Excellent seller, fast FB, have advised to pack tubes in a s… Kyrill1
Telefunken Ecc83- 12ax7 pairs Sold 02-21-11 Positive Done

Very Good deal ,thanks Telefunken13
Ear 834P Bought 02-17-11 Positive Done

Good communication and good pricing. Dknywinnie
Mullard 12au7/Ecc82 British 1960’s pair Sold 01-17-11 Positive Done

Excellent transaction. I`m happy with the tubes, thanks Paul Bert
Amperex Ecc88-Dutch Bugle Boy pairs Sold 12-27-10 Positive Done

Very smooth transaction, best seller. Highly recommended! Lin3323
Telefunken 12au7 /ECC82 Diamond Sold 12-17-10 Positive Done

No worries. Very knowledgeable seller, shipped tubes the nex… Broberts
Amperex Gold Pin Pair 7308 pq made in usa Sold 12-09-10 Positive Done

item received safely as described Collect_usa
Telefunken – E88cc- 6922- Gold Pin Pair $ Sold 10-28-10 Positive Done

The tubes are beautiful. Paul is a good person. Have Total … Tag1993
Mullard 12au7/M8136 military x2-as new Sold 10-27-10 Positive Done

Great buyer. Would love to do business with again. Ericusrex
Siemens Usa 7308 pair Upscale Bought 10-26-10 Positive Done

Great audiogon experience, fast shipping (international) goo… Remarx
Mullard Ecc83/12ax7 -philips miniwatt 0 Sold 09-10-10 Positive Done

Very fast payment and great overall international transactio… Gjrad
Amperex 6DJ8 Bugle Boys Bought 09-07-10 Positive Done

Fast payment, Great Audiogon member, highly recommended, tha… Daystrom
6 Matching Ge kinsman long plate Bought 09-04-10 Positive Done

Very happy with deal, highly recommended Christianb
Shinon Red – M. C. – fully rebuilt by Sold 08-11-10 Positive Done

fast abroad shipping, good communications, prestine conditio… Mikie
sovtek 6922 type Sold 07-07-10 Positive Done

Good communication,well packed and fast shipping,product as… Papak9401
2*Siemens5814A/12AU7 +2*Mullard EL34XF2 Sold 06-23-10 Positive Done

Excellent seller! Honest! He went above and beyond to make t… Ilidra
Siemens Cca – 1960 BWB 940 Military – Sold 05-27-10 Positive Done

Nice transaction, a real honourable seller! Lin3323
Siemens Cca -As New -gold pins – german Sold 05-04-10 Positive Done

Absolutely superb seller, one of the best I have ever dealt … Bprager
SOTA Preamp Sold 05-03-10 Positive Done

Good communications,very well packed,deliveried as promised,… Mikie
Sieman 6922 Tube Sold 04-30-10 Positive Done

Fast shipping,Excellent communication,Product as promise,hig… Watp999
philips ec88 Sold 04-30-10 Positive Done

Nice transaction, item as described safely packed. Excellent… Nexus5745
Mullard E188CC Sold 02-13-10 Positive Done

Excellent communication and flawless transaction from this f… Usui
Mullard 8137/4004/12AX7 Bought 02-12-10 Positive Done

a real honourable seller. great to deal with, highly recomme… Corby
brimar 12ax7 Sold 01-23-10 Positive Done

Received tues in perfect packaging. Shipment arrived on time… Ferringo_loo
Siemans – Military- e88cc matched pair Sold 01-10-10 Positive Done

Have received your tubes, beautiful E80CF and ECC88 Lin3323
Philips E80CF/ECC88 Sold 01-04-10 Positive Done

as advertised and quick turnaround Prime54
Telefunken Tubes X 2 ecc81/12at7near new Sold 11-01-09 Positive Done

Great tubes and super fast shipping. Great communication an… Rrsclyde
Brimar 12at7 ‘yellow T’ Sold 10-26-09 Positive Done

Good communication followed by a smooth transaction, thank y… Ryszard
Philips ECC88 a frame Sold 07-17-09 Positive Done

Excellent product, fast delivery. Transformed my system!! Gomo66
Mullard Gz 34 / 5ar4 New in Box f 3 1 0 Sold 07-16-09 Positive Done

Good communication, very helpful information and generous of… Tclaw
Mullard EF86 Sold 07-01-09 Positive Done

Great seller, good communication & Fast shipment. well pack … Hifi_will
telefunken EF86 pair.00 Sold 05-11-09 Positive Done

Great seller. Item as described. Fast shipping. Will definit… Roodoo
Telefunken E88CC/6922 Sold 04-12-09 Positive Done

Nice seller, good communication & Fast shipment. The item w… Tykan
Telefunken Tubes – 12ax7/ecc83 x 2 Sold 04-01-09 Positive Done

very good seller and will buy from him again. The item is w… Tykan
Telefunken 12at7/ecc81 x Sold 03-31-09 Positive Done

Great tubes, great people, a real pleasure to deal with and … Martay49
Telefunken Tubes- 12at7/ecc81 X 2 Sold 03-30-09 Positive Done

Paul went to great lengths to instill confidence, overcome t… Rpghero27
Koetsu Rosewood Signature Platinum Bought 10-23-08 Positive Done

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Latest Testimonials

Bloody marvelous! Before anything else, there is an excitement and respect just unwrapping something that has been living in a box for seventy odd years. They have a real clarity and detail that lets the nature of the Mullard 12AX7's in the pre-amp sing their true song; it takes that sound and faithfully reproduces and enhance it in a way that no other valves have. Brilliant! - thanks Paul.

I had a Steampunk project and needed a couple dozen valves for props. Paul was extremely friendly and helped me build up a collection of neat looking ones that will certainly add to the theme. Overall a great person and very passionate about sourcing and seeing these valves go to good use (even though it's not for an amp or radio!).
jonny427 (110 110 positive feedback) Address Verified May 2013 Fri 20 Jun 2014

Paul has helped enormously re-valve my collection of vintage valve amps. Using his test equipment, he painstakingly tested over 100 valves, grading and categorising them and was able to supply either directly or through his extensive network all those requiring replacement due to either non function or matching equivalents. I can now be reassured the valves I'm using are of the best quality and fit for purpose. I would recommend Paul assess your valve requirements and rate his knowledge highly
fazze (170 170 positive feedback) Thu 05 Jun 2014

Meet the best bloke on trade me! This guy is truly great, very knowledgeable, an absolute pleasure to deal with and as honest as the sun shines. If you really need world class TONE, then well done, you've found the doorway to a very exciting world...
rippler (155 155 positive feedback) Mon 02 Jun 2014

Paul provided outstanding service in testing my tubes for me and also sending some alternatives to try. He is very highly recommended. A+++.
kalorix (355 355 positive feedback) Address Verified Feb 2013 Sat 24 May 2014

thank you so much for fast and efficient service,product well wrapped too.
wawa16 (172 172 positive feedback) Address Verified Dec 2012 Wed 14 May 2014

Outstanding generosity toward a school project, with a donation of valves as asked. First class effort. thanks
flyboy39 (124 124 positive feedback) Thu 17 Apr 2014

Paul sent me 11 high quality valves to test in my fender twin reverb. He said he doesn't like to push people into certain valves which is great because i know my taste can be very different from others. I was impressed by the variety and quality of the valves and even more impressed by the sound when i rolled the vales through the amp. In the end i settled on 2 nice 12AX7 and 1 nice 12AT7. my amp sounds amazing now! only problem is.... i think i want to try every valve now!?!?
roddiss (11 ) Tue 08 Oct

What great service Paul sent me 4 sets of tubes to try with no obligation to buy. One of the sets of tubes he sent me absolutely transformed my system, a system which incidentally cost wise is approaching $80K. From my perspective and dealings over seas I believe Pauls prices and service are up there with the best and I really did appreciated being given the opportunity to try before buy so am I wrapped in his products and service you betcha. Barry New Plymouth Thanks Paul
sequoia22 (2179 ) Address Verified Mar 2012 Wed 18 Sep

Paul's Service is outstanding. He sent 4 valves to me in Dunedin to try in my preamp, with no obligation to buy. I found one that gave me the results I was looking for, and Paul was very careful not to influence my choice. Its hard to imagine a better way to buy valves!
stoatgobbler (18 ) Wed 11 Sep

Paul, sent me valves to test under no obligation, fast friendly service, this is the sort of guy you want to deal with in audio.Paul I dint purchase this time, but rest assured I will when ready and will continue to promote your business/service. Thanks so much, Mark
mc10 (206 ) Address Verified Mar 2012 Mon 02 Sep

My guitar amp came with some Chinese valves.I bought a 12AY7 from paul and the difference was marked. Excellent trader and I would buy from him again ,in fact i will be doing so.
ponder2 (82 ) Thu 01 Aug

Brilliant service offered by Paul. Offered me a trial on Vintage Valves amplifier. What a difference they made to the depth and richness of sound! Highly knowledgeable guy, and very professional service. Recommended!
millarco (173 ) Sun 21 Jul

A very good service - sent me a selection of valves to try and I only had to pay for the ones I kept. Excellent.

paul20 (205 ) Address Verified Sep 2012 Tue 16 Jul

Paul is an extraordinary guy to deal with. He has helped me improve my system with the right selection of valves, he is always assertive and knowledgeable and this of course has improved my listening experience; my music will never be the same thanks to Paul. As he recommends, rolling the valves of your gear will lead to a new way of enjoying music. Cheers!
dana07 (51 ) Sun 26 May

all I can say about Paul is wow! he is a top bloke that totally knows his stuff regarding all NOS valves in the world and he has it all. Cant say I have met someone like him before, he puts TRUST in people by sending them valves to try to get a feel on what these valves can do and I am very impressed! He help me find the right valve tube (Amperex 6DJ8 / Bugle Boy) for my Aune T1 DAC and it has made my DAC a top notch device. Thanks again Paul, will find you again for 12AX7's soon!
cancer23 (402 ) Address Verified Feb 2012 Sun 26 May

I am very impressed with the service that Paul provided. He found an electric eye valve for my old Pye radio. He sent them down for me to try, on trust, he has old fashioned values. If anyone is looking for old valves go to Paul first.
pac11 (194 ) Address Verified Oct 2012 Mon 20 May

to all those traders out there, remember the days when trademe first started when you could trust most traders (kiwi's) to be honest, but not so much these days unfortuately, but this guy is still one of those guys you can trust 100%,sent me down 8 mullards nos valves, to tube roll,with no payment made to him &rolled them in my amp as he desribed them they were a beauitful sound,he's got just about every tube you can think of,or will find it for you,if he can,even from Russia,amazingly helpful.
ry5 (697 ) Address Verified Nov 2012 Tue 19 Feb

Paul is a great person to deal with. A Futura radio being restored needed a 6A7 valve, but was very difficult to find. Luckily I came across Paul's advertisement on Trademe and inquired. To my delight, he had new (unused) valve still in the original carton. He sent it securely to me by post, and the radio is happily singing now! Thanks Paul. Highly appreciate your service to the vintage radio enthusiasts. Sarath
electro22 (13 ) Address Verified Jan 2013 Wed 19 Dec

Paul has been a great help in finding the right values for my ears/system i have now had 5 pairs and what different a good valve makes Thanks Paul
luckyr (85 ) Thu 22 Nov

Paul supplied me with a quad of beautiful Vintage Mullard xf2's to try in my Yaqin amp. They are the most amazing tube I have used so far, it's safe to say they are staying put in the amp. Thanks Paul.
agilroy4g (301 ) Address Verified Sep 2012 Tue 20 Nov

Thankyou Paul great service with exceptional communication throughout the process . I will recommend with confidence to any one searching for tubes to enhance and breath new life into the old school amplifiers as well as up grades as was the case with my spark amp , all the best regards Clive Riley.
cjriley (32 ) Address Verified Apr 2013 Thu 15 Nov

I am a harmonica player and the problem with using guitar amps for harp is that guitars need hi gain valves in the pre amp section...not good for harp as it means you get feedback at very low volume settings on the amp, Pete sent me a selection of quality vintage low gain valves which I tried and swapped around till my amps gain was at the desired level, I can now drive my amp at a good working feedback free level. Pete's excellent service allowed me to get a harp friendly amp real easily..!!
mike581 (236 ) Address Verified Aug 2013 Fri 09 Nov

again paul has blown me away with a premium selection of vintage gold pin tubes to try in my cd player . e88cc
aimo5 (48 ) Thu 01 Nov

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