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We also offer some made to order products: Please see below for what we currently offer:



The workmanship is first rate with lovely tight curved edges for strength and durability.

All the cutouts for cables and hand holes are cut for this turntable cover. This professionally made cover will keep dust, cats and curious fingers away from your precious record player, tone arm, cartridge and stylus, as it completely covers and protects the whole unit.

WE CAN CUSTOM MAKE AN ACRYLIC COVER FOR YOUR OWN TURNTABLE , to your own specifications and measurements ...please enquire in the questions and answers section.


The cost will be a minimal amount of money to spend compared to what you have paid for your turntable.arm and cartridge. ALL IT TAKES IS ONE FLICK OF A FEATHER DUSTER, ONE CATS PAW, ONE SMALL CURIOUS HAND.....AND YOUR CANTILEVER OR STYLUS IS GONE!

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Latest Testimonials

Paul is extremely helpful. I asked Paul to source an octave of Mullard Blackburn XF2 EL34’s for my amp and he found them. Sound – mellow and lovely – enjoying them very much – its the difference between “music coming at you” and “music arriving inside you”, so some very pleasant listening ahead. Thank you. -Paul W

paul20 (324 324 positive feedbackAddress Verified Jul 2018  Tue 08 Jun

I can nothing but recommend Paul and his service. He has an Aladdin’s cave of vintage valves. I approached him to upgrade a valve phono preamp and he suggested going to a vintage Mullard from the stock new Chinese tubes. It has made an amazing difference and one that I wish I had done years ago. Paul is extremely helpful, has great communication and follows up the sale with really interesting information. I will be back for more.

petersimpson81 (18 18 positive feedbackAddress Verified Aug 2018  Thu 06 May

This collection is a treasure trove! I was looking for valves for a vintage British automotive test set, and Paul not only had the correct parts, he tested them (and some others I had) as well. A very interesting visit. Highly recommended.

sjhunter (268 268 positive feedback)  Tue 04 May

Paul was very obliging and extremely helpful with my enquiry. He knows his stuff and recommended some valve alternatives I didn’t know existed. I purchased 2 pairs of Vintage Valves for my power amp and I’m very pleased. I will recommend to anyone who is looking to replace or try out alternative valves. Thanks!

harryskater (44 44 positive feedback)  Mon 19 Apr

Incredibly knowledgeable and helpful, Paul provides an awesome service. Tested my tubes and gave great advice on the way forward with new (old!) tubes. Buy with confidence from Paul – he won’t let you down. Thanks, Geoff

16gordon (415 415 positive feedbackAddress Verified Mar 2019  Sun 11 Apr

Great guy to deal with, Paul wont oversell you product if he doesnt think it will make a genuine difference to your amp, This guy KNOWS valves inside out and will unlock the musical potential of your valve amp and really make it sing.

md0071 (257 257 positive feedback)  Sun 14 Feb

By chance, I hooked up with Paul online during lockdown after about 3 decades, renewed our joint interest in audio and purchased some valves from him. Paul is most knowledgeable and has an impressive stash of vintage valves. He is happy to send me some product to try out in my amplifier and dac – a no obligation, free home trial. This is most helpful, because of the character and tone of valves. Paul offers this service to clients whom he has had dealings for some time. I recommend him.

musiknutter (370 370 positive feedbackAddress Verified Sep 2019  Wed 27 Jan

While browsing NOS/vintage 12AX7s on eBay, I couldn’t help but notice that one of the very best sellers appeared to be based right here in NZ! Intrigued, I emailed Paul directly, who very kindly invited me over with my guitar amp. He turned out to have a world-class palette of vintage 12AX7s (not to mention other valve varieties) – just a few minutes drive from my house – and was exceedingly generous with his time and expertise. Highly recommended and a real pleasure to meet.

guitarman6 (47 47 positive feedback)  Fri 22 Jan

Incredible collection of valves. Paul has a huge knowledge about which valves could be a great match for your equipment. If you are looking for vintage valves in Auckland, Paul is the person to go. All the tubes are tested by Paul before selling them. Highly recommended.

nachocs (0 0 positive feedback)  Sat 02 Jan

I was restoring an antique radio and narrowed down the problem to one tube, and found Paul’s website after a google search for somewhere in NZ that would sell vintage tubes. Paul replied to my email that same evening, having stayed up late searching for that particular tube, and very fortunately for me found one and this radio is now working again as a result. It is wonderful to have a business like this in NZ with such good customer service rather than having to order from overseas.

grove188 (23 23 positive feedback)  Sat 02 Jan

Paul knows his tubes and offers a genial, enthusiastic and sympathetic understanding of his customers’ needs. He’s in it for the love, and it’s so refreshing to deal with people like Paul who know their chips and are able and so willing to help,rather than those wpeople whose knowledge is limited to how to operate the cash register!

whitlock (285 285 positive feedback)  Tue 22 Dec

Paul is a superb sommelier of NOS tubes. His recommendations based on my taste and equipment have unlocked to true joy of realism and soundstage in my systems. I’m absolutely hooked! I have also used Pauls testing service and was delighted to read the hand written notes returned with my tubes detailing the quality, history and tasting notes. Very useful and confidence inspiring. Paul is an absolute gentleman with whom I enjoy dealing with regularly.

dirk25 (172 172 positive feedback)  Tue 22 Dec

I replaced my valves in my monoblocks and was unsure of my options and best tubes to replace. Pauls advice and magic service nailed it for me and my amplifers have never sounded better. Highly recommended, top bloke to deal with and knows his stuff. Cheers

griftaman (37 37 positive feedback)  Mon 21 Dec

Amazing service! I’ve now purchased a number of tubes off Paul. Excellent service, Paul has helped me breath new life into my Amp. If your are after NOS tubes save the postage from buying overseas and get them right here in Auckland.

daniel.mcivor (443 443 positive feedbackAddress Verified Jul 2018  Mon 21 Dec

Great service and quality parts. Highly recommended!

stinkey69 (310 310 positive feedback)  Mon 21 Dec

Always found Paul knowledgable and helpful when it came to what tubes to consider on a wide range of tube amplifiers over the years. His advise has been spot on and he went the extra mile when it came to offering service with a smile. You can deal with Paul with confidence and know you are in good hands.

audioreference (108 108 positive feedbackAddress Verified Sep 2019  Sat 19 Dec

Dealt with Paul when looking for NOS vintage tubes for a small guitar amp. Excellent knowledgeable service and the hype about NOS tubes vs the best modern day tubes is very real. Name & details logged and will definitely be in touch again. Highly recommended.

liznderek (927 927 positive feedbackAddress Verified Oct 2019  Fri 18 Dec

Excellent service and quickly sorting out a set of quad KT88’s. Highly knowledgeable! Gave me some great advise on vintage input valves for my preamp

millarco (230 230 positive feedback)  Fri 18 Dec

I got a Perspex turntable cover from this seller, the service was exceptional and the quality of the cover is very good. Very happy 🙂

dollyg (263 263 positive feedbackAddress Verified Jul 2018  Fri 18 Dec

A very nice vacuum tube professional. I bought 2 tubes from here and came with a very cosy and safe package for tubes. I am willing to get tube testing service in next year as well.

smorc (14 14 positive feedbackAddress Verified Mar 2019  Fri 18 Dec

Vintage Audio Valves

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